Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Modeling of composite slab steel - reinforced concrete with rebar    M.Sc.    seyed nezhad golkhatmi, mohammad    2011-02-14
2    َ A Comparison between Estatic and Dynamic Analysis Methodes Respect to the Code    M.Sc.    eghbal sarabi, zahra    2011-09-19
3    A Proposed Global Damage Index for Ductile Structures    Ph.D    shakibapoor, iman    2011-10-26
4    using nanotechnology to improve mechanical properties of concrete    M.Sc.    sahranavard, saeed    2012-01-05
5    Investigation of the reactive powder concrete (RPC) properties for the rehabilitation purposes    Ph.D    Dashti Rahmatabadi, Mohammad Ali    2012-06-17
6    Investigation of the Effect of Groove Size and Geometry on the Flexural Capacity of RC Beams Strengthened with NSM Method    M.Sc.    shahbazi, nafiseh    2012-08-13
7    An investigation in to the behavior of 180 hooks in tension for retrofitting purpose    M.Sc.    saghravani, ata    2012-09-24
8    Study of behavior of perforated steel plate shear walls    M.Sc.    madadiyan, akram    2012-12-03
9    The Study of Interaction Between Concrete Shear walls and Floor Slabs    M.Sc.    tavakol, masoomeh    2013-01-07
10    ُsemiactive control of structures using hybrid soft controllers    Ph.D    Hashemi, Seyyed Mohammad Ali    2013-04-22
11    Implementation of strategies to improve quality and safety executive demolition engineering    M.Sc.    ,    2013-05-15
12    Fragility analysis for controlled structures    Ph.D    baghban khiabani, amir    2013-06-02
13    investigation of mechanical characteristics of light weight concrete with farooj pumis and optimize concrete mixture    M.Sc.    Gholami, Gholamreza    2013-09-06
14    An investigation into the effect of admixtures on the mechanical properties of lightweight concrete using faroj pumice    M.Sc.    hasheminezhad, saied jalal    2013-09-06
15    Coupled concrete shear wall with composite coupling beams    M.Sc.    Naghizadeh, Soroush    2014-02-02
16    Application of FRP Material in Buckling Restrained Braces.    M.Sc.    Rouhparvar, Mohammadreza    2014-02-19
17    Crisis Management ( Life lines ) in Construction Industry    M.Sc.    Ghalehnovi, Amin    2014-02-25
18    Value Engineering in Construction Industry    M.Sc.    KHORASHADI ZADEH, MAJID    2014-03-03
19    Decision making in construction management using game theory (2215331)    M.Sc.    Kalali, Javad    2014-03-03
20    Mashhad Light Rail Transit Project: Capabilities and Limitations    M.Sc.    ghandehariun, safoura    2014-03-11
21    Effect of fibre on material properties of fibre reinforced concrete    M.Sc.    sazegaran, mohammad hadi    2014-03-11
22    Implementation of strategies to improve quality and safety executive demolition engineering    M.Sc.    cheraghchi bashi astaneh, mohammad reza    2014-03-15
23    Guardin Construction Value Engineering approach to high groundwater    M.Sc.    sabahi, sajjad    2014-05-31
24    Study of Seismic Behavior of Shear Panel System (SPS) damper in Bridges    M.Sc.    mazaheri, afsaneh    2014-09-08
25    The effect of shear panel damper on seismic behavior of water air tanks    M.Sc.    badihi zeraati, farzad    2014-09-08
26    An Investigation on the effect of bracing configurations on structural behavior    M.Sc.    saatchi, alireza    2014-11-09
27    Performance base Desgin of steel plate shear walls    M.Sc.    mahdavi, ali reza    2014-11-17
28    Investigation of tension-stiffening of Ultra-High performance concrete reinforced by steel and GFRP bars    Ph.D    rahdar, hosseinali    2014-11-19
29    Pathology ofl steel structures Factory fabricated In Iran    M.Sc.    mostaghimi, hamed    2014-11-25
30    The effect of seismic Base Isolation in steel frame with concrete shear wall system on structural and non-structural elements    M.Sc.    Kavianpour, Saeed    2014-12-29
31    Modeling and Solving the Time - Cost Trade-Off Problem in Fuzzy Environment ( Case Study )    M.Sc.    HashemZadeh, Mehran    2015-02-23
32    Analysis of Shells with Openings and Stiffeners Subjected to Blast Loads    M.Sc.    heidari, shahab    2015-03-09
33    The effect of superplasticizers on the mechanical, environmental and economic performance of concrete containing granite waste    M.Sc.    Asadi, Elyas    2015-05-11
34    Seismic Behaviour Assessment of Steel Corrugated Shear Wall    M.Sc.    gholinia, mostafa    2015-05-18
35    Produce of Fragility Curves for Steel Plate Shear Walls    Ph.D    Yamini, Ehsan    2015-06-20
36    The effect of silica fume on the economical, environmental, mechanical and durability performance of concrete containing waste marble    M.Sc.    khodabakhshian, ali    2015-06-23
37    The effect of shear connectors on the bending behavior of Steel-Concrete-Steel sandwich beams    Ph.D    Yousefi, Mehdi    2015-07-22
38    The effect of stud bolt connectors on static behavior of Steel-Concrete-Steel sandwich slabs    Ph.D    Golmohammadi, Mohammad    2015-07-22
39    Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Wind Pressure on Structures with Conical Form    Ph.D    Sazgaran, Bentolhoda    2015-12-07
40    structural damage control using dynamic analysis    Ph.D    azadvar, mohammad    2016-02-18
41    The Effect of Earthquake (Aftershock) on performance level of Damage Framed with Steel Shear Wall    M.Sc.    Muhammadian, Muhammad    2016-11-14
42    Structural Damping Identification by Ambient Vibration Test with helping of Neuro-Fuzzy Concept and Wavelet    Ph.D    sarmast, hamed    2016-12-20
43    determination of optimum location of outrigger based on maximization of the natural frequency using weak form integral equations    Ph.D    mohamadnezhad, mehrdad    2016-12-28
44    Numerical Evaluation of Seismic Vulnerability of Chevron Configurations in Non-Seismic Concentrically Braced Frames    M.Sc.    Razzaz, Seyyed Hossein    2017-04-24
45    Numerical and experimental investigation in strengthening of tow-way RC slab with Plain and punched steel plate.    Ph.D    sahranavard, saeed    2017-09-17